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Paving Block
Paving Block
Paving Block
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Specification of Paving Block

Block Paving

To Produce Paving Blocks, It Takes A Mixture Of Substances, And The Mixture Is:
1. Semen
2. Aggregates (Sand, Gravel, Etc.)
3. Abu Stone
Four. Fly Ash
5. Water
The Ingredients Mentioned Above With A Certain Ratio In The Mix Until Homogeneous And Then Printed With A Hydraulic Machine With A Certain Pressure.
Block Paving, For Paving Block, Paving Block
Block Paving
Block Paving That We Produce Has The Size 21 X 10.5 Cm With A Thickness 10, 8 And 6 Cm. Different Kinds, Both Shape And Size.
Each Paving Stone Has The Power Of Pressure Standard Or That Commonly Called Strength K. Block Paving Pressure Is Manifold, From:
Paving Block K200
Paving Block K300
Paving Block K400
Paving Block K500
Price And Price Block Paving Brick
Kanstin Used As A Booster That Prevents Paving Blocks That Have Been Placed Are Not Shifted Or Changed, Kanstin Are Also Available In Various Sizes.

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