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Silica Sand
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Specification of Silica Sand

Specifications Product :

Silica Sand 
The Use Of Quartz Sand Is Widely Used In 

Cement Industry 
Industrial Glass 
Steel Casting 
Sand Blast 
Industrial Ceramics 
Water Treatment, Use Of Silica Sand To Filter Sludge, Soil And Particles / Lower In The Water And Used For The Initial Screening Stage 
And Others. 
We Provide Silica With Several Sizes: 

- Powder: 80 Mesh, 100, 200, Mesh 30 Up 

- Granular / Sand: 16 X 30, 10 X 24, 8 X 16, Etc.. 

- Gravel: 5-10 Mm, 10-20 Mm, 20-30 Mm Etc.. 

Available In Packaging: Bulk And Zak @ 50 Kg

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