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Silica sand bangka
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Specification of Silica sand bangka

Silica sand has many uses including: for sandblasting, glass glass making materials, cement mixed materials and even for filter water filters. While in the industrial world, there is silica sand as the main raw material and follow-up materials. As the main raw material, for example used in glassware industry, cement, floor tiles, ceramic mosaic and others. While as a follow-up material, silica sand is used in the cast, petroleum and mining industries, refractory bricks and others.

Silica Sand Center cheap price

We, CV. MITRA USAHA MANDIRI as Silica Sand Center provides Sand Silika Bangka with the following explanation:
- Silica Sand Bangka has white, cleaner with silica SiO2 content above 98%.
- The white color of silica sand is due to the lower iron content (Fe) compared to the silica sand from other areas.
Available in various sizes:
- Grade sand, size: 16 x 30 mesh, 16 x 24 mesh, 16 x 20 mesh
- Grade gravel, size: 8 x 16 mesh, 4 x 8 mesh, 3 x 5 mesh
- Grade stone, size: 5 - 10 mm, 10 - 20 mm, 20 - 30 mm, 30 - 50 mm

As Silica Sand Center, we also provide other types of Silica sand: Sand Silica Lampung, Sand Silica Tuban, Sand Silica Gravel and so forth. For more complete product info please contact us.

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