Machine RO 75 GPD bio energy 6 stage

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Sell ​​RO 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 stage machine capacity of 240 liters per day
Product Description RO 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 stage machine
In this day and age, finding water sources that are suitable for consumption is very difficult. Whether it's river water, ground water, even rain water has been polluted with smoke pollution from industrial activities or from motorized vehicles
RO or Reverse Osmosis machine is one of the technologies used to filter water to eliminate contamination of water pollution, also eliminate bacteria and viruses. The water produced is almost pure and sterile and is suitable for consumption.
In filtering RO machines, almost most of the minerals come filtered out. To rebalance the mineral content needed by the body, the RO Machine is added with a bio energy cartridge.
Mandiri Business Partners sell RO 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 Stage Machines, namely RO 75 GPD machines which in the end bio energy cartridges are added. Bio Energy will restore minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, which are lost during the filtration process.
Specifications of 75 GPD Bio Energy 6 Stage RO Machine:
1pcs membrane RO capacity of 75 gpd
1 pcs RO 24 volt dc booster pump with adapter
3 pcs filter housing 10 ", filter spun, CTO and GAC
1 pcs yield tank 9 liters, pressure 100 psi
1 pcs bio energy cartridge
1 pcs post carbon cartridge
1 pcs solenoid valve
1 pcs High pressure switch
1 pcs Low pressure switch
1 pcs RO faucet goose neck
1 pcs pressure gauge
Iron plate frames on coating
Size 55 x 33 x 43 cm
30 watts of power
RO Machine 75 GPD Bio Energi 6 Stage is commonly used for offices, boarding houses, dormitories, hospitals, households and others.
In addition to selling RO 75 GPD engine units, Mandiri Business Partners also provide RO engine parts, such as booster pumps, spun cartridges, bio energy cartridges, RO membranes, RO connectors, RO, LPS, HPS and others

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