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Cargold Activted Carbon
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Specification of Cargold Activted Carbon

Selling halal certified Cargold Reaktiv activated carbon filter media MUI, Contact Cv. Mandiri Business PartnersPhysical characteristic:
• Color: black
• Density: 27.5 pounds per cubic foot
• Mesh size: 4 x 8, 6 x12, 8 x16, 12 x 40
• Iodine number: 750 up ml / gr
• Function:    • Very effective in the adsorption process of organic, non particles
    polar like mineral oil, Poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PACs),
    Choloride (phenol)
    • Absorb halogen elements such as: I, Br, Cl, H and F
    • Absorb odor
    • Strengthens taste (taste)
    • Eliminating microbiology contaminants including
    yeast / yeast (yeast)
    • Applied in the treatment of fermented products• CARGOLD REAKTIV Packaging: 30 Ltr
• CARGOLD Packing: 25 Kg
• Material Packing CARGOLD REAKTIV: Kraft Paper Packing / PE PE 25 KgFor more information about Cargold Reactiv activated carbon and other water filters, contact:CV. MITRA WATER Jl. Mawar 43 SurabayaEmail: [email protected]: http://supplierfilterair.comMalang Branch: Jl. Candi Telaga Wangi 48 Malang

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