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Specification of PDAM WATER FILTERS



Water Purifier Filter is a tool that serves to purify water, purify water or filter water. The water purifier filter is used to clarify and filter various water problems.
This product is an indispensable technology in today's era. Because in the present pollution has happened everywhere, especially water pollution. therefore we need a water purifier filter, to find out how well the quality of water you are using you can check it into the health laboratory or you can also check it at the water purifier filter seller, one of them in the water filter company.
Many consumers who use their water sources come from PDAM water sources. Some of the water that is sourced from the PDAM may not be water enough to be clean water. This is because it could be due to some problems such as worms, salt water or the water still smells. To solve the problem of water are many consumers who choose to use PDAM Water Filter to mensolusinya.

Selling PDAM Water Filters cheaply

CV. MITRA USAHA MANDIRI selling PDAM Water Filter with low price. PDAM water filter consists of:
- 1 unit of FRP 1054 filter tube
- 1 silica sand zero @ 50 kg
- 10 kg of activated carbon

Besides selling Demineralization Filters, we also provide other water filters such as Household Purifier Filters, PAM Water Filters, Water Filters to remove Iron And Manganese, Air Softener Filters and other water filters. The price of Air Filter Package also varies. For more complete product info please contact us.

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