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Specification of Anthracite

Is A Kind Of Older Coal With High Carbon Characteristics And Volatile Metter Lower Than Bituminous , Lignite , Brown Cool , Colored More Shiny . Used As A Filter Media For Water Treatment Or As A Substitute For Silica Sand Used Together With Silica Sand . Carbon Element In Anthracite Has A High Resistance To Water And Chemicals . Anthracite Crystal Shapes Resembling Diamond ( Diamond ) Have Good Physical Endurance To Shock And Friction .

Performance Anthracite As Filter Media

Filter Turbidity ( Turbidity ) In The Form Of Insoluble Material ( Suspended Solids ) In The Cavities Of The Outside ( External Void ) .

Performance Is Not As Activated Carbon Anthracite , Activated Carbon Which Absorbs The Dissolved Material ( Dissolved Solid ) In The Cavities In The ( Internal Voids ) . So That The Dissolved Material Can Be Caught Anthracite , It Is Necessary To First Treatment-Treated And Converted Into Insoluble Material .


Filter Turbidity ( Turbidity ) A Lot More .

 Silica Sand Has A Uniform Grain Shape And Heavier , So The Layer Filters ( Filter Layer ) Becomes Congested And The Percentage Of Cavities ( Voids External ) Becomes Less . This Causes The Amount Of Filtered Turbidity Is Reduced . While The Anthracite Grains Each Having A Different Shape , The Cavity Becomes Large Percentage , And Finally Can Filter Turbidity Greater .


Filtering Through The Deepest Layers Of The Filter . The Shape Of Each Grain Anthracite Are Not Uniform , And A Mass Of Light , Causing The Filter Layer Is Not Easy To Condense , So The Performance Of The Filtering Occurs Until The Innermost Layer Of The Filter , Not Only On The Surface. Thus The Loss Of Head ( P ) Becomes Small And Leaching Time Also Becomes Shorter .

Easily Washed ( Back Wash ) .

 Anthracite Filter Media Including Lightweight , Making It Easy To Wash . Grain Surface Is Smooth , Easily Removed And The Resulting Turbidity Is High Washing Efficiency ( Volume Of Water To Back Wash Fewer And Shorter Time Required ) .


High Resistance Tehadap Chemicals .

Anthracite Has A Higher Carbon Content And Few Impurities Causing Anthracite Insoluble In Acid Or Alkaline Solution ( Alkaline ) . Therefore Very Suitable For Use As A Filter Media . Anthracite Is Widely Used For Chemical Industry Such As For Filtering Salt , Soda , Ammonia , Etc. .


Specification Of Anthracite Filter Medium



Inspection Inspection Items





Uniformity Coefficient

Not More Than 1.5


True Specific Gravity

1.40 – 1.60


Apparent Specific Gravity

0.65 – 0.75


Void Percent (%)

Not Less Than 50 %

53.1 %

Friability (%)

Not More Than 3 %

1.13 %

Solubility In Hci (%)

Not More Than 6.0 %

0.71 %

Fixed Carbon

Not Less Than 80%



Not Less Than 10%


Volatile Matter

Not Less Than 10%


Constant Moisture

Not Less Than 3%


Sulfur Content

Not Less Than 1.0%



Tersedia Ukuran

- 8X30

- 6X12

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