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Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Machine And UF

What is the function of a reverse osmosis machine? Basically, a reverse osmosis machine is useful for purifying water. Inside is a very fine membrane as a water filter. The size of the membrane is only about 0,0001 microns. You can imagine this size like a strand of hair cut into a million thin hairs.
The small size of the membrane that is used in the RO machine makes all impurities will be held by the membrane and only water (H2O) can pass through it. Actually water is also unable to pass through the membrane, but because it is given a semipermeable pressure so that the water as if pushed and forced through this membrane. The result is water that passes through a completely pure, uncontaminated H2O membrane.
The main use of reverse osmosis machines is to produce hygienic water. The water is free of contaminants such as minerals and other heavy metals. So the water produced from this machine has near pure quality. This kind of water is usually called demineralization water.
At present, RO machines are widely used by processing industries from small, medium to large scale. Even the usage has covered the entire country. For example, the governments of Singapore and Saudi Arabia use RO machines to meet the needs of clean water for their citizens. Not only fresh water, RO filters are also able to process salt water from the sea into fresh water so that it is suitable for consumption.
Reverse osmosis machine is one of the great inventions that is very useful to support human survival because it can purify water under any conditions. No wonder the use of this machine is now increasingly widespread to get better quality water. Below are some applications of RO machines that are carried out by humans:
1. Household Drinking Water
Reverse osmosis technology is mainly used in household water treatment processes so that it is immediately feasible to drink. Absolutely, water that has been treated using an RO machine is absolutely safe to be consumed directly without the need to boil it first. But the water used as raw material must be in accordance with Minister of Health Regulation No. 416. The type of RO machine that is most widely used by the household scale is RO dispensers and undersinc.
2. Refill Drinking Water Depots
You already have an RO machine, but the ability is too large so it doesn't run out when used alone? Instead of being redundant, you can open a refill drinking water depot. Previously, drinking water depots still used simple technology to treat raw water. So that the quality of water produced is strongly influenced by the quality of raw water. By utilizing RO machines, the quality of the water produced can be further improved. Most drinking water depots use RO machines that have been equipped with RO membranes.
3. Bottled Water Plant
People in ancient times laughed at drinking water vendors. But it's time to prove that good quality drinking water is really needed by humans. Bottled water plants usually use RO machines in the initial stages of production. Furthermore, pure water will be processed further using certain technology so that the quality is in accordance with the company's target. For example, such as oxygenated water, alkaline water, antioxidant water, and hexagonal water.
4. Water for Industry
Companies that use boiler engines, chiller engines, and water cooler machines prefer the use of RO-processed water. The reason is because the water is pure so it does not damage the raw material used. The water is also free of lime and heavy metals so it does not cause damage to the production machine. Apart from being demineralized, the company also uses this machine for softener purposes.
5. Brackish Water and Sea Water Treatment
Industry players are now beginning to use brackish water and seawater to be processed in such a way that they can be consumed by humans safely. They eliminate the salt content in the water using a reverse osmosis machine. This machine is proven to be able to effectively separate salt particles dissolved in water. In fact, the budget for processing brackish / marine water using RO machines is cheaper than distillation machines.
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Water Purifier
Water Purifier, is a tool that serves to filter water to change water that was previously unclean to be clearer and of better quality. Not only remote areas that need clean water, now it is not uncommon for some areas in big cities in Indonesia to experience quite alarming water pollution. Not surprisingly, some diseases that are usually only found in areas that have difficulty in getting clean water, now even urban areas are not immune to this problem.

CV. Mitra Usaha Mandiri The Center for Selling Water Purification Water Filters that are commonly used are chemical, biological and mechanical. Chemical filter is a water purification system using a chemical process that is able to use filter media such as carbon charcoal and zeolite. This chemical media has the ability to absorb toxic substances contained in water and also as a water purifier. Biological filter media that utilizes organisms that have the ability to change poisons into good substances. Mechanical filter is a filter that utilizes a tool that has a certain size of fiber to be able to filter up even the smallest dirt particles.

Lime is an object made of sedimentary stones, forming rocks composed of calcium minerals. Lime is relatively formed in the deep sea with the condition of rocks containing plates of calcium plates (coccoliths) formed by microorganisms coccolithophores.